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The Dance Studio

Where there's a party EVERY Friday night!

Beginners are ALWAYS welcome!! 

If you want to dance, there are many opportunities to learn how - you don't need experience, rhythm, special clothing or a partner to begin. 

Every month our beginner class focuses on a different dance. This class meets Mondays at 6:30 pm.

Every Friday at 7 pm we offer a beginner dance class and each week we pick a different dance. 

If you want to learn how to dance for an upcoming event like a party or wedding, or if your schedule doesn't align with our group classes, we offer private lessons as well. 

Call us and we'll help you determine the best way to get started!

The Dance Studio provides opportunities for individuals and couples to reach their dance goals... 

The Dance Studio is Tupelo's premier dancing studio.  Our instructors are experienced dancers with years of training in both dancing and teaching.  Whether you want to prepare for a wedding, improve your social dancing, become a competitive dancer, or meet people with common interests, The Dance Studio offers something just right for you. 

We even offer classes in the nearby Mississippi communities of Columbus; Oxford; and Corinth, making classes convenient for everyone. 

Practice Party EVERY Friday...

Every Friday there is a practice party at the Tupelo studio beginning at 7:00 pm.  The party includes a newcomer lesson, an intermediate lesson and two full hours to dance.  The atmosphere is casual and welcoming.  Many people come straight from work and dancers of all levels mingle. You won't find strangers at our party - only dance friends!

Everyone is welcome. You don't need a partner to have a great time!

Beginners Welcome...

Every month The Dance Studio offers a class designed especially for beginners Mondays at 6:30 pm. This class works on the same dance for an entire month, providing opportunity for repetition and practice. 

Each Friday, there is a beginner class at 7:00 pm, right before our Practice Party. The lesson changes every week and is another great opportunity to learn dance basics. At the party, there are opportunities to practice with a wide range of dancers.  

If you aren't sure a group lesson is right for you, or if our group class schedules don't fit your schedule, private lessons are also available.  

Intermediate & Advanced Dancers...

As dancers gain confidence and proficiency in basic steps, there are classes to add new variations that make dancing even more fun.  Our schedule is updated monthly so you can select the classes that match your interests. 

There are group performance classes that work on a routine in a particular dance. This is another wonderful way to challenge yourself, have more fun and add to your skills. Some of these classes are sponsored by the Tupelo Ballroom Dance Club (TBDC) and routines are typically performed at TBDC monthly dances. 

Private Lessons...

Whether you just prefer individual attention or our group classes don't fit your schedule, our instructors are available for private lessons.  We offer an introductory special that provides you with two lessons for the price of one to help you get started.  

Many people planning for a wedding or other social event find that a few private lessons give them enough help to enjoy their upcoming event.  

When you contact The Dance Studio, we'll help you determine which instructor will best fit your needs and goals. 

Dance Weekends...

The Dance Studio regularly brings in top dance pros from around the country for dance weekends.  We believe that everyone benefits from the opportunity to learn from the very best talent. 

All the details of our upcoming weekends can be found in the Upcoming Events section. 

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