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Photo Albums

TBDC 9/24/11 Dance TBDC 9/24/11 Dance ChaCha Performance Class 139112672 Daniel and Ann 139112673 Betty and Earline 139112674 Bolero Performance 139112675 Bud and Ann 139112677 Clarissa and Hemdeep 139112678 New President Cynda and past President John 139112680 Destry and Lisa 139112681 Destry and Lisa 139112682 Doug and Earline 139112683 Tommy and Earline 139112684 Earline - recognized Charter Member 139112686 John and Lee 139112687 John and Patsy 139112688 Judy 139112689 Lee and Daniel 139112690 John and Lee 139112691 Bud and Liz 139112692 Hemdeep and Mary 139112693 Tammy and Tommy Performance 139112694 Tommy and Tammy Vienese Waltz 139112696 More Vienese Waltz 139112697 Tammy and Lisa 139112695 Bolero Performance Class 139112698 Daniel and Ann 139112699