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Tupelo Classes This Week

Monday, November 23

5:30pm - Seniors' Foxtrot Class

6:30pm - Beginning Waltz Class

7:30pm - TBDC Sponsored Newcomer

Class -

ChaCha w/ John & Lee Bryson

Tuesday, November 24

2:30pm - Youth East Coast Swing

6:30pm - TBDC Christmas Foxtrot


7:30pm - Standard Waltz

Wednesday, November 25

No Group Classes; Studio closed for Thanksgiving holidays.

Thursday, November 26

Studio closed. Happy Thanskgiving!

Friday, November 27

7:00pm - Thanksgiving Leftover Potluck

Party--bring your leftovers and

join the festivities!

Current Class Offerings

Click here for the December calendar


5:30pm   Foxtrot for Seniors with Chuck Garrett

This class is designed for those who are 55 years or older.

Chuck will be teaching fun variations in Foxtrot. This class is ideal for

those who want to pick up their dancing shoes again. Partner required. $5

6:30pm Beginner Rumba with Zack and Rubye Del

This class is designed for those who have no dance experience. 


2:30pm   Youth Hustle with Chuck Garrett

This class is designed for youth ages 12 and up. It is $5.00 per person per class.

(Meets Dec. 1 and 8)

6:30pm   TBDC Christmas Foxtrot Formation with Tammy

Tammy will be teaching a solo-formation foxtrot routine to be performed at the

December 19th TBDC Christmas Dance! This routine will be easy, fun,

and lighthearted, just like the holidays should be. Even if you don't plan to

perform, come join the merriment and practice your individual skills! (Meets Dec. 1, 8, 15)

7:30pm   Standard Waltz with Robbie Greenwood

This international style of waltz is elegant and graceful. Learn the

international standard, while also honing skills and muscle groups

that will improve your American Waltz as well. (Meets Dec. 1, 8, 15, 29)


4:30pm   Youth Beginner Foxtrot Class with Zack

This class is designed for youth ages 12 and up. $5.00 per person for each class.

(Meets Dec. 2 and 9)

6:30pm    Beginner Hustle with Zack

Hustle is a very versatile dance, and you can dance it to all many styles of music.

The steps are fun and easy and can get you moving on the dance floor in a short amount of

time. (Meets Dec. 2, 9, 16, 30)

7:30 pm   Salsa Moves with Savannah

Not a newbie but not ready for intermediate-advanced? This class is for you! More moves,

more segues, more fun! 


1:30pm Youth Beginner Tango Class with Chuck

This class is designed for youth 12 and up. $5 per person, per class. (Meets Dec. 3 and 10)

6:30pm Beginner West Coast Swing

Come learn the basics of West Coast Swing and then stick around for the practice party.

Practice Party is included in the price of the class. $10 (Meets Dec. 3, 10, 17)

7:30pm   West Coast Swing Practice Party

Because of the holidays, we have not been able to have a West Coast Dance, per usual. So,

here's your chance for some practice! $5, unless you have been to the lesson, which includes

the party. (Meets Dec. 3, 10, 17)


7:00pm Pre-Party Beginner and Intermediate Lesson

We provide a different beginner and intermediate lesson every week before the Friday night

party. No experience needed for the beginner class. Each class is $5. See Tupelo calendar for

a schedule of upcoming styles.