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Our Staff

Meet our team and learn about our formula for success!

Rubye Del Harden - Owner

Growing up, Rubye Del Harden never thought of herself as an entrepreneur. But, one day she woke up and realized she owned seven businesses. What is surprising to her and to others is the diversity of those businesses - from printing to newspapers, to consulting and operating several dance businesses including The Dance Studio and All Star Dance Camp! Rubye Del, who has danced since 2001, says she can operate so many businesses by having great managers.

An amateur competitor, Rubye Del takes lots of lessons, attends group classes and parties, and works through many venues to build the North Mississippi ballroom community. She even teaches a few beginner classes at the studio in addition to lending her business skills to support the studio's great staff.

Tammy Wilson - Senior Instructor/Studio Manager

Tammy is both the studio manager and the artistic director at The Dance Studio in Tupelo, Mississippi. Prior to this position, she and her Mom, Linda Hong, were co-owners of The Dance Floor in Chattanooga, TN. At The Dance Floor, she developed a great reputation as a superior dance teacher. She consistently develops wonderful relationships with her students and, in Chattanooga, she developed one of the largest youth programs in the South. Tammy not only develops outstanding dancers but also serves as a role model and mentor for the youth.

Tammy is realizing her goal of expanding the Tupelo Dance Studio into the broader North Mississippi region with classes now offered in Oxford and Columbus. She is DVIDA certified in American style smooth and rhythm. Her dance coaches include dance notables Jim and Jenell Maranto, Ron Montez, Felipe and Carolina Telona, Toni Redpath, and Kasia Kozak.

Andrew Davis - Senior Instructor

Andrew Davis is a Senior Instructor at The Dance Studio of Tupelo. He has been dancing for 11 years. He is certified in American Smooth and Rhythm through the DVIDA program. Andrew has been teaching dance for 7 years. He teaches in all four styles, Ballroom, Latin, Smooth and Rhythm. He loves teaching wedding couples. He describes himself as a student-centered, energetic and collaborative communicator. His goal is to make all who he teaches look good while having fun on the dance floor.

Andrew has three years of competition experience in Bronze, Silver and Gold divisions. He teaches individuals, couples, group classes, and private groups.

Currently Andrew teaches at The Dance Studio in Tupelo and The Dance Studio at Oxford. Call (662) 842-2242 to book lessons with him. 

Benjamin Pryor - Instructor

Benjamin started dancing during his sophomore year of college at Jacksonville State University when he came in contact with Amy Henry-Hardy, Ballroom Instructor at the Abracadabra Dance Studio. Benjamin continued to learn under Amy as a "fun hobby," but he never thought he would find a career in the field. He later was offered the opportunity to be a dance host at All Star Dance Camp. Because of his boundless energy and infectious smile, Benjamin was offered a job on the pro staff at The Dance Studio of Tupelo.

He continues to learn and grow as a professional ballroom instructor under the tutelage of Tammy Wilson and Rubye Del Harden and helps to grow the dance community in Tupelo, and the surrounding area. Thanks to Benjamin's background in Child Psychology and his past job as a camp counselor, he helps with growing the youth program in any way he can. Benjamin is also a certified Zumba instructor at the studio where he puts his energy and smile to great use!  

Gemi Moore - Instructor

Gemi is the latest addition to The Dance Studio’s instructional staff. She brings her youthful exuberance to the dance floor because she just loves to dance! With an extensive background in many forms of dance that she began studying at a young age, Gemi discovered ballroom four years ago and knew that she had found her dance niche.

Gemi not only is excellent at her personal dancing, she has found in her staff position at The Dance Studio of Tupelo that she has a natural gift for teaching ballroom to others. In addition to her training at The Dance Studio, she has received coaching from Ron Montez and Jim and Jenell Maranto. Gemi competes in the USA Dance circuit where she recently competed in their Nationals.